We are an organization dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse for our youth of the greater Annandale area. We participate in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) in the girls and boys divisions in the spring league. The sport of l
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We are an organization dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse for our youth of the greater Annandale area.  We participate in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) in the girls and boys divisions in the spring league. 

AYL serves boys and girls in elementary and middle school who reside in Fairfax County and represent the Annandale, Falls Church, Lake Braddock, Stuart and WT Woodson High School pyramid.  This is determined by the players residence regardless of the actual school they attend.  
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2014 Boys Fall Clinics   Annandale Boys Lacrosse Fall...
Celebrate Summer
Ahhhh... Summer!  We hope all of our AYL families have had...
AYL Celebrates a Successful Season
U13LB Takes Their Season All the Way The 2014 lacrosse season...
Wall Ball -- It Works!
Wall Ball Lacrosse Drills One of the great things about lacrosse...
by posted 08/13/2014

2014 Boys Fall Clinics


Annandale Boys Lacrosse Fall Clinics are back by popular demand for 2014!  Registration is underway so sign up and save your Saturdays from September thru November.  High school coaches from Annandale, Woodson, Lake Braddock, Falls Church and Jeb Suart will be joined by AYL coaches leading clinics geared to all ages and skills levels.  Clinics are open to all local players, not just AYL participants, so bring a friend!

Never picked up a stick?  This is the perfect way to get a head-start in lacrosse before Spring.  Been playing for awhile?  We’ll also have clinics focusing on improving your skills and keeping that stick in your hand during the off-season.

Developmental Clinic, 9:00am - 11:00am

This clinic is ideal for first-timers who have never picked up a stick before, to novices who have played a season or two but would still benefit from working on the basics of throwing, catching, scooping and on-ball defense. All ages welcome U9 - U15.

Experienced Clinic, 11:00am - 1:00pm

This clinic is for intermediate to advanced players. Players at this clinic should have at least one year of experience and be proficient at throwing, catching, scooping and on-ball defense.  This clinic will include advanced stick work drills, dodging, fast breaks, team defense and team offense. All ages welcome U9 - U15. 

Dates and Location

The clinics will run on Saturday mornings starting September 20st  through November 15th at the times listed above (there will be No Clinic on the October 11th Columbus Day weekend).

The field is located at Belvedere Elementary School, 6540 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA.


The Fall Clinic series is $100 for the full set.  We know that many AYL athletes also participate in fall sports so we have attempted to keep our fees as low as possible, understanding that many will not be able to attend every session.  Come to as many or as few as you like. 

Annandale Youth Lacrosse has limited rental equipment available for players, $25 additional fee. Equipment includes helmet, shoulder and arm pads and gloves.  Players must provide their own mouth guards and sticks. 

Register Online HERE

Questions?  Email us at


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Celebrate Summer
by posted 08/12/2014

Ahhhh... Summer! 

We hope all of our AYL families have had a glorious break from the normal drill.  We know that mixed between the beach, mountains and stay-cations, many of you have found a way to keep the lacrosse sticks in your hands.  Many of you attended lacrosse camps -  both near and far.  Some of you were dazzled by lax celebs like Paul and Kelly Rabil (sorry, no pics, but trust us you'll probably see the signed jerseys at practice). We know some of you even played summer leagues, like AYL's Boys U13 summer team which had a great summer season.

We're already planning for the fall clinics, which start in September, (details coming soon) but before we get there, tell us about your summer!  Send us a lacrosse photo at so we can celebrate our AYL Summer of lacrosse.

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AYL Celebrates a Successful Season
by posted 06/08/2014

U13LB Takes Their Season All the Way

The 2014 lacrosse season is officially over and AYL has a lot to celebrate. Ultimately, Annandale boys had 5 teams win playoff games with 2 making it to the championship game.    Our U13LB defeated the #2 team to extend their season, winning in the semi-finals and ultimately playing for the title against Spotsylvania.  It was a tight game with Annandale losing by just 2 goals, wrapping up the season after a terrific end-of-season winning streak.  Great Job!


U15A’s Undefeated Season Ends with NVYLL Championship!

Our U15 boys will forever be remembered as the team with heart, smarts and skills.  In spite of having the smallest roster in the league, U15A ended their season undefeated clinching the 2014 U15A Championship title!  They faced Springfield in the championship game, and in spite of playing with just two subs, our U15A boys proved, once again, that hard work creates lacrosse champions.  Most of our U15 players will be playing for their high school teams next year and we know they will be making a difference across the Patriot District and beyond.  We are so proud of our scrappy U15 champions!



We're so proud of our 2014 Annandale Boys Teams!


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Wall Ball -- It Works!
by posted 03/24/2014

Wall Ball Lacrosse Drills

One of the great things about lacrosse is you can improve your skills tremendously by working on your own, outside of practices.  Wall Ball drills are a terrific way to perfect your stick skills and are highly recommended for AYL players of all ages. 

Here are a couple of local walls perfect for practicing (check out your own neighborhood and you’ll likely find some more!)

  1. The tennis court area at Jefferson Davis Park just inside the beltway off of Lee Highway in Falls Church.  Here, you’ll find a long high wall with fences that is outside of the tennis courts themselves.  And you can use both sides of the wall.  
  2.  Woodburn Elementary school just inside the beltway off of Gallows Road. Location#1 in the back of the school. Location#2 edge of parking lot.

“Your lacrosse stick should become part of your body!"

To become proficient in passing and shooting, the player must be able to propel the ball from the stick with the wrist "snap." Many beginning players pass and shoot with an arm motion, or "push" the ball, which causes the ball to leave the stick on a low trajectory resulting in a low pass or shot. An excellent way to develop the wrist snap is to utilize the wall. Go to a cinderblock or brick wall and stand approximately 3 to 5 yards away. Any wall will work (no windows), but a smooth concrete surface at least 10 feet tall is the best.

You can and will observe daily improvement if proper technique is maintained. Increase the reps as wrists become stronger. Aim for as many reps as possible with desired form, however. This is a lefty-righty work out. Attempt to do as many reps as possible. Remember, your goal is to strengthen the wrists, to become proficient in releasing the ball with the snap of the wrists, to gain hand speed, and to develop a quick release.

Do as much as much of this routine 4-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes (no more). Beginning players should start at 30 reps with each hand before moving to a different part of the drill. Your goal should be to get through the entire drill (50 reps with each hand) with each hand in under 20 minutes. If you only get through part of the drill, it is easy to set a goal for next time.

Proper 1 hand technique:
Wearing gloves, hold the stick in one hand at its balance point and then place the head of the stick in the "box" area next to the ear. Then with one hand, "snap" the wrist which will cause the ball to come out of the stick in a straight line and bounce off the wall straight back into the stick kept in the box area. This will be difficult at first. Do not take shortcuts. Keep the head of the stick in the box and not down off the shoulder.

Proper 2 hand technique:
Wearing gloves, hold the stick with your top hand approximately half way down the shaft of the stick. Your opposite hand should cover the end cap. Snap the top wrist while bringing the bottom hand towards your dominant arm pit. This will help to keep your stick in a vertical postion. Try to keep the head of the stick in the box at all times. Passing is like casting a fishing line. Be ready for the ball to return in a hurry. Change your foot stance as you change your hands, that is lead with your left foot if passing from the right, and so forth. Stick protection is important.

Proper Cross hand technique:
This is the similar to two hand technique. Hold the stick such that the dominant hand is across your body. The head of the stick should be kept in the "box" near the opposite ear. This will be awkward at first but only the advanced players will get to this stage.

DRILLS: (Beginners 30 reps with each hand)
1 hand: catch and 1cradle
2 hands: catch and 1 cradle
2 hands: quick stick
2 hands: split drill -catch righty, switch and throw lefty/ catch lefty switch and throw righty
2 hands: catch, face dodge, and throw
2 hands: catch, fake, and throw

You must be at 50 reps with each hand before passing this point.
2 hands: cross handed
2 hands: behind the back
2 hands: running along the wall throwing and catching.

Be creative: if you get to this stage, you have earned the right to!
Remember the above must be performed in the correct manner, that is: stick in the box, overhand motion, wrist snap. If your form is sloppy, such as letting the stick hang down off the shoulder, you will be slinging the ball and thus wasting your time. CORRECT FORM MUST BE ADHERED TO, OR YOUR EFFORTS WILL BE WASTED.

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